About Us

Better ingredients.

Better process.

Better product.

At CannSci we bring hemp-infused edible products to a higher level. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring that our products are at the pinnacle of quality and excellence -- both morally and materially -- that has come to be expected with the word KOSHER. The products we make have met the most stringent industry standards, from seed to shelf, and all of the steps in the process: from using top-shelf, certified organic, pesticide-free biomass, to solvent-free, whole-plant, true full-spectrum extract, to fine confectionary and savory ingredients.

CannSci is dedicated to produce and sell hemp concentrates, edibles, and topicals to service the exploding hemp-infused products industry. CannSci believes whole-plant, full-spectrum extracts used in infusing edibles and topicals, are the cleanest, most accessible way to consume the beneficial aspects of the hemp plant. CannSci began manufacturing in January 2021. We are strictly kosher and under Rabbinical supervision, 24/7.