Our Story

My name is Aaron Balkany. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, in a family of educators and physicians. After attending strictly orthodox educational institutions through high school and post-high school studies, I attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  

After 25 years in the field of education and the Rabbinate, I redirected. In 2012, I started researching the medicinal benefits of the different cannabinoids occurring naturally within the plant, and how they interacted/bonded with the body’s naturally-produced endo-cannabinoid system. With further research and experimentation, I started making and providing infused tinctures and other consumables to people who requested such products for medical reasons. All extracts are 100% pure, true whole-plant (which contains all of the ‘good stuff’. . . nothing boiled out), and solvent free. Many of my customers have come through word-of-mouth, often because they prefer consumables that are 100% kosher, guaranteed.

In 2013, I began focusing specifically on extraction systems, the different processes involved with an extraction, and the varied techniques extractors use to post-process.  After more observation and more research, I got friendly with David McGhee, inventor of the Tamisium Extraction system. Now, seven years along, I have become proficient in the art of hydrocarbon (butane, by preference) extraction. And like everyone else in this industry knows, the limits of our knowledge across the vast spectrum of cannabis science and businesses continue to expand at a rapid rate.  

My lifelong familiarity with kashrut standards within the framework of Jewish Law and my years of experience in the processing side of the cannabis industry places CannSci in a unique position to produce world-class infused edibles, under continuous kashrut supervision, to the worldwide market.  And our products always “hit the spot”.